Looking for ready to engage leads?

Introducing Deal Hunter by Evolv.

We work exclusively with Business Brokers to help find them more business deals in their market through our powerful acquisition systems.

Our system builds laser targeted relationships for you with ease, identifying business owners

in your target market that are looking to buy/sell, ensuring that your pipeline of

opportunity is always full.

Our successful campaigns are completely

done-for-you from start to finish.

All we need is the service area and the businesses you’d like to target, then my team can get to work contacting your list. We then connect with the business opportunities that have been hunted & nurture them into high value prospects, handing them off to you, so you can continue the conversation.

Check out the full process overview

First – We Target Your

Service Area

The first thing we do for every business broker is locate an area in which they would like to establish their customer acquisition campaign.

Secondly – We Find Business Owners

Our list building team researches and finds the contact details for business owners using your pre-defined target business criteria.

Once we have the list we run it through our quality check process to confirm the details are valid & correct and that we have the valid contacts for the actual business owner.

*In House 15M+ Company Contact Database | 575M+ People Search platform

We then – Send out the proven

'AI Powered' Outreach Sequences

Once we have completed building and cleaning the list of prospects, we send them through our exclusive multi-touch outreach sequence.

Our multi channel sequence is powered by AI which provides a higher than normal response rate, fully proven & very direct. Carefully designed to extract all of the available sellers and buyers in any target market.

And Finally –

Initiate the Warm Hand Off

Once our team has found a business opportunity for you, we will notify you immediately and connect you with the prospect to further the conversation and set up the potential deal with the business owner direct.

Everything starts with a conversation!

The Outcome

Effortlessly Drive Consistent High Value Conversations & Relationships into your pipeline that are Ready to Engage, Week after Week!

Past System Results

01 — Business Broker in Florida

Months With Us: 9 Months

Listings Acquired: 8 Listings

Transaction Value: $10.3 Million

Commission Value: $900,000

$900k in commission value within 9 months of working with us. 

02 — Business Broker in California

Months With Us: 16 Months

Listings Acquired: 11 Listings

Transaction Value: $7.8 Million

Commission Value: $800,000

$800k in commission value within 16 months of working with us. 

03 — Business Broker in Illinois

Months With Us: 7 Months

Listings Acquired: 3 Listings

Transaction Value: $8.3 Million

Commission Value: $580,000

$580k in commission value within 7 months of working with us. 

Take the pain out of prospecting

We work exclusively with brokers to help find them more business deals in their market through our powerful system.

Don’t Take Our Word for It …

Setup Your Own Acquisition System

Benefit from complete peace of mind knowing that you have a constant stream of new potential relationships coming in that allows you to focus on taking care of your clients.

Get a quote for your own Acquisition System today!

Reach out for a free no-obligation quote for your own system.

Setup in 7 days

Single Channel

Best option for small Brokerages, new Brokers and those on a budget!

Extremely powerful outreach!

Concentrate on what you do best and leave the heavy lifting to us.

1k+ Prospect contact points per month
10 – 20 conversations generated per month.
Broad and Industry specific campaigns.
Supplied to your inbox
Instant Lead Notifications
No Long-term contracts

Multi Channel

Maximize Your Business Efforts!

Harmonize Cold Email Outreach with the power of LinkedIn and then add a final layer of 'good ol' SMS marketing for the very best standard in client acquisition across your target territories!

3k+ Prospect contact points per month
LinkedIn Prospecting
*700+ connections per week
SMS Campaign included
30 – 50 conversations generated per month.
Broad and Industry specific campaigns.
Instant Lead Notifications
Supplied to your inbox
No Long-term contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your definition of a lead?

We define a lead in our company as a prospect who meets your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) criteria with an active interest in your product/service and/ or with the intent for a call/further discussion.

What is your Minimum Term?

There is no minimum term. We offer our services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

How is Deal Hunter by Evolv. different than other services?

Evolv. offers a dynamic multi-channel strategy for all size companies to generate leads, appointments and convert sales. Deal Hunter offers a complete all-in-one sales acceleration service for businesses with a unique automated and manual prospecting strategy.

Do I need a LinkedIn Premium account to use Deal Hunter?

Yes – Deal Hunter requires an active premium or sales navigator subscription connected to your account. This is so we our cloud-based solution and our expert sales team can find key decision-makers and engage in 1:1 conversations through Inmail.

Do you provide a guarantee for booked appointments?

Unfortunately as we cannot guarantee a result with our outreach service, we do not offer a guarantee. Fortunately, because of our expertise and previous successful campaigns we can give you an estimated average of the number of high value conversations with buyers/sellers we expect to achieve.

How does your process work at Deal Hunter?

Deal Hunter has a simple but very effective lead generation and appointment booking strategy. We ask you to submit our onboarding questionnaire with information about the businesses & industries you want to go to market and we then build a bespoke campaign taking 24-48 hours. Once built, we send to you for approval then launch it using our Ai outreach software. Warm conversations are then handed off via email or direct input through API into your CRM for you to close.

Do I have to use my own Linkedin and Email account to use Deal Hunter?

Deal Hunter offers you the option to use your own Linkedin and email account for outreach or use “Ai Sales Reps” under alias Linkedin and email accounts provided by Evolv. so that you can have a fully automated sales and lead generation system, generating you leads and appointments with your ideal customers.

Is Deal Hunter GDPR compliant?

GDPR doesn’t affect LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We also ensure our email campaigns are fully GDPR compliant by specific protocols led by our outreach team.

How do you integrate with Deal Hunter?

With Deal Hunter you can integrate it with your team on slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations. Our live lead sheets can be accessed on your pc or mobile via our app.

What is your Support infrastructure?

Deal Hunter offers 1-2 minimum sales experts working on your campaigns and 1 Dedicated Campaign Manager with our Done for you plans. All plans have access to our support team via our Live Chat feature, email and telephone.

Secure Your Very Own Acquisition System

Build relationships and identify business owners in your target market that are looking to buy or sell,

ensuring your pipeline of opportunity is always full…


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