The 8-point prospecting checklist

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Want to take your prospecting efforts to the next level?

Follow the eight steps listed below to develop a consistent prospecting practice that delivers reliable results.

1. Define your target market

Start by determining who you want to serve. For the best results, choose a group that’s large enough to sustain your business, but small enough that you can become an expert at solving their challenges.

2. Gather a list of contacts

Put together a list of contacts within your target market using online tools like Google and LinkedIn, as well as industry-specific data providers like Reonomy.

3. Attend industry events

Meeting people in person is one of the most powerful prospecting methods. Identify events your target market will attend and introduce yourself to potential clients.

4. Create call scripts

Craft an effective pitch you can use with your target audience. Just remember that every prospect is different, and you’ll want to personalize each call by mentioning something unique about them or addressing a challenge they’re currently facing.

5. Call targeted accounts

Here’s where the magic happens: Get on the phone and start talking with your prospects.

6. Create sales email templates

Not everyone you reach out to will pick up the phone. Craft an effective email pitch to follow up with those who are difficult to get in touch with. Once again, personalization is key.

7. Email targeted accounts

Put your templates to good use and start emailing your prospects.

8. Follow up

You’ll rarely close a deal on the first contact. That’s why the most successful agents develop a consistent follow-up system that keeps prospects engaged and interested until they’re ready to get started.

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